Email & Text Message Marketing

It can cost up to five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain a current one. Research shows that using strategies built around SMS text and email communication is one of the best ways to nurture brand trust among your current customers and guide prospects through their journey from top-of-funnel to conversion. And most importantly, customers prefer to use these versatile channels to communicate with your business.

At National Strategic, we use text and email messaging in a wide range of applications. From communicating with current customers about the latest promotions, to following up with cold traffic and ad campaigns — even using these high-ROI communication methods as the drivers of key reactivation campaigns.

Reaching Your Audience in the Ways They Prefer

Did you know?


Of American adults regularly use email.


Of consumers say they’ve made a purchase online directly from a marketing email.


The rank of text messaging in a survey of consumers’ most preferred communication methods.


Of consumers think businesses should be contacting them by text more often.

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What We Do

Target Messages to the Right Audience

Target Messages to the Right Audience

We segment text and email campaigns to ensure that they end up in the inboxes of the people who will engage with them most.
Fine-Tune the Customer Journey

Fine-Tune the Customer Journey

We build sophisticated follow-ups and automated campaigns to make sure that we’re communicating to prospects at the most opportune times.
Deploy a Wide Range of Different Campaigns

Deploy a Wide Range of Different Campaigns

We build and implement strategies for newsletters, offer promotion and follow-ups, e-commerce-focused communication, and review generation.
Effectively Integrate Text and Email

Effectively Integrate Text and Email

The most successful email and text messaging campaigns come from effective integration that combines the two in a conversational way.

Why It Matters

  • Text and email are permission-based marketing channels, meaning that if a customer opts in, they actively want to be communicated with in these ways.
  • Text and email are two of the highest ROI channels in the digital marketing space.
  • Email marketing and SMS messaging occupy different stages of the customer relationship than PPC or cold-traffic campaigns on social media.
  • The average person responds to a text message within 90 seconds, making it the perfect channel when you need a quick response or action.
  • An optimized text and email marketing strategy can strengthen customer relationships and boost customer retention efforts.

“National Strategic put systems in place to help my practice run more smoothly. They even found a untapped niche in my practice, and since working with them, my business has grown by 70%.”

– Dr. G