Online Property Appraisal

How can you maximize the value of your digital assests?

Much like your home, your digital properties have value. Reserve an Online Property Appraisal to determine the value of the assets today and identify key factors to maximize the value your digital asset portfolio brings to your practice.


What is digital property?

While commonly neglected or mismanaged, digital properties have immense potential to deliver substantial value to medical practices. Examples of digital properties include:

  • Google My Business Properties
  • Digital Peputation Listings
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Video Platform Accounts
  • Local Listings and Directories
  • Backlinks to Your Domains
  • Your Websites & Platforms

How Do You Measure Market Potential?

Demand Analysis has eveolved to new levels of sophistication. We now have data that shows us how mush someone has raised thier hand and expressed interest in services you or your competition provide  in your exact geographic area. Our sophisticated analysis reviews consumer behavior, studies linguistic demand patterns of your consumers, identifies trends and demand gaps. We use this by layering our method on top of current and historical data directly from Goolge.

How Do You Assess Opportunities?

Our intelligence Team completes a thorough review of key performance metrics for each of your digital properties. We compare these against proprietary best practices to help you identify techniques to maximize the value of each of your assets.

Reserve Your Online Property Appraisal Now

How Long Is the Report?

An Online Property Appraisal tends to take 25-40 working-hours for our intelligence team to complete. Depending on the scale of your practice and your digital properties, the final report can be anywhere from 60-80 pages long. But we don’t expect you to have to mine the report for meaning. Our strategy team will include an hour long executive findings session with your stakeholders. We will take you through the highlights, offer customized analysis, and show you the lowest hanging digital fruit. Most importantly, you will leave the session feeling confident and informed about the full potential of you digital assets and how to maximize them!

The Online Property Appraisal process:

  • Identifies and studies market demand in your area
  • Determines how your digital properties are serving available demand
  • Provides strategic and implementation direction to help maximize the value of your digital assests